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Very Best Wishes for the coming Festivities!

We have been absent during the last few months because we wished to understand what was happening. We have been glued to the window on the world to see all these changes passing by.

We are living a reality which is completely the opposite to a year ago. We feel as if we have lost our bearings – somewhat disorientated. Our priorities, which we believed were of paramount importance, have faded into the background and at the end are no more than “accessories” to our daily lives. However, during our lockdown isolation we have understood that the two supporting pillars for a good life are the giving and receiving of love and good health.

What is on our wish list for Christmas?

Most importantly that this pandemic comes to an end and everything returns to normal but better than before. We do not wish to hide the fact that we are fervently awaiting the time when we can again dedicate ourselves, with even more passion, to that which we do best: ensuring those people who have chosen our therapeutic packages and thermal cures in Italy feel the benefit and are rejuvenated.

We will never abandon our commitment but for the moment we simply have to wait until everything is as safe possible to be able to travel and to get to know us and our programmes – perhaps even as soon as 2021.

We send you our Very Best Wishes for the coming Festivities in the hope that the light of the Christmas rebirth will warm all our hearts and that the New Year will be peaceful and full of joy!

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