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Montecatini in the past

Montecatini, in the period end 1800s and mid-1900s, was a real VIP resort. An important international center where artists, musicians and composers met (don’t forget Giuseppe Verdi, who stayed for a long time in one of the hotels we offer in our health packages “Grand Hotel Plaza & Locanda Maggiore”).

But Montecatini has an important history for its “baths”.

It has always been a marshy area, where hot water naturally gushed. Indeed Montecatini Alto, located above the hill, has been for years the town where it was much more comfortable to live. Think that the farmers of the time, immersed themselves in these waters to cure back pains.

But around 1450, the Medici family, a powerful Florentine family, understood the potentialities and healing properties of these natural hot waters and turned it into the first SPA with efficient facilities. In the following centuries, the thermal establishments were enlarged and can still be admired in Montecatini.

Four types of thermal waters

Since ancient times there have been four types of waters that flows out warm from the ground into this territory and are distinguished by their composition and temperature.

The most famous thermal cure of Montecatini is water drinking therapy. Every morning one drink a “nice glass” of thermal water on an empty stomach. Of course, it’s not like drinking a sweet fruit juice, but it’s very healthy. It will be the doctor who specifies the amount and method of the drinking therapy.

The “Rinfresco” is diuretic water, which favors the elimination of waste and naturally integrates the salts lost during physical activity.

The “Leopoldina” is purifying and helps to cure constipation.

The “Regina” is rebalancing and stimulates the correct flow of bile from the liver to the intestine.

The “Tettuccio” promotes the purification of the liver.

Terme di Montecatini today

The establishment par excellence, where you can drink thermal water is “Terme Tettuccio”, a historical complex in neoclassical style, very fascinating.

There are also two other establishments namely “Terme Redi” and “Terme Excelsior” where you can have many treatments like mud therapy, rehabilitation in thermal water, inhalation treatments as well as therapeutic and aesthetic massages.

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