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Abano Terme, the oldest thermal spa in Europe

Let’s go to northern Italy, near Venice, to Abano Terme: is a magical place where we can find ancient and pure thermal waters rich with minerals, that reaches us after an underground voyage of thousands of years.

Many writers and poets throughout history have praised this particular thermal water, also describing the colorful and very lively landscape.
Claudiano, a poet in ancient Roman times, writes: “The water that flows from the fire“.
But if we go further back in time, the inhabitants venerated these warm lakes.
In fact, they left jars and bronzes on the beaches of these lakes, to have their rituals and celebrate their ancient gods.
In the eighteenth century, people actually began to study the properties and benefits of these waters.

In the following years, they built thermal and Spa hotels where they could welcome people from all over Europe, thus creating a very important thermal and medical tourism.

The waters of fire

Guess what temperature the water naturally flows from the ground? It flows at temperatures between 72° and 82°, with a high flow rate, over 10.000 liters a minute! Therefore the name!

In fact, there are special equipment that cools down the waters to between 30° and 38° before it can be used for therapeutic thermal treatments.

The water is born thanks to the rain, from the Pre-Alps, which went underground down to depths over 3000 meters which flows about 80 km before arriving into Abano Terme. The geological structure of the Euganean Hills made the water emerge and created the largest thermal basin in Europe, in Abano Terme. The springs are of salso-bromo-iodica waters which have anti-inflammatory and disinfectant actions. There are many treatments available using these waters of Abano, famous throughout Europe for many centuries!

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