Terme di Pejo: thermal wellness at high-altitude!

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Terme di Pejo: thermal wellness at high-altitude!

Pejo, a thermal town in the mountains of Trentino, at 1,200 meters above sea level. It is painted white in the winter and breathes out fresh and pure air during summertime!

The history of the Terme di Pejo is more recent than the other thermal resort in Italy. The first records date back to the 15th century AD and subsequently a well-known scientist began to study the waters. He advised drinking these precious waters to have beneficial effects on the organs and the body systems.

From that moment, many people took advantage of the beneficial thermal waters in the Alps, coming from the northern Italy, Austria and Germany.

The three sources

The thermal waters of Pejo are cold compared to the others! They come from the highest peaks of the eastern Alps and after long underground routes, they were enriched with precious minerals.

Over the centuries and with more in-depth studies three different sources were discovered and therefore three types of mineral, but all with a high level of iron.

  • Fonte Alpina: a cold and very light mineral water suitable for drinking water therapy, purifies and detoxifies the body.
  • Antica Fonte: a cold mineral water heavier and rich in substances that regulate the function of organs and in addition to drinking water therapy it is used for balneotherapy and inhalation treatments.
  • Nuova Fonte: a cold mineral water which has a highly alkalizing property, suitable for maturing the mud and then applying it to the skin, alleviating rheumatological problems. It is also used for the Kneipp path dedicated to those who suffer from disorders of the lymphatic and venous circulation, eliminating swelling.

Health holidays in Pejo

Treat yourself with a health holiday, where also you can drink thermal spring water, cleanse your body, enjoy the benefits of thermal treatments.

In our health packages there is included also an excursion to Lago Covel with barbecue in the forest. Stay in a cozy hotel in an adventurous landscape that abounds with several hiking opportunities, just a few meters from Terme di Pejo.

Are you ready for an immersive holiday in the heart of the Alps?

Discover the web page dedicated to the Terme di Pejo and its Health Packages.

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