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Terme di Ischia – Medical SPA Ischia Porto “A NEW CONCEPT OF THERMALISM” Terme di Ischia are going to reopen, by embracing a new concept of thermalism, which has been developed by Doctor Antonio Fimiani, owner and sole administrator of Alga srl, the new management trust that has worked in the fields of wellness and physiotherapy since 2005. Antonio Fimiani – surgeon specialised in Physiotherapy and Medical Hydrology, in collaboration with Mrs. Anastasia Civale, SPA manager – has realised a complete thermal medical centre, which highlights water (70% of human body is made of it) and its memory, made of low intensity frequencies. Today it is therefore possible to interact with your body by using the qualities of Ischia waters through your skin, which is a real natural radar, fundamental for our chemical-physical balance and for our own well-being. WELLNESS IS BASED ON THE RIGHT PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL BALANCE Human beings are a perfect cybernetic machine, in which the skin performs a very important role. It is like a radar receiving all the pieces of information from the outside world: it is the skin that makes you feel warm or cold, it makes you feel the sweetness of a caress or the harshness of a slap, moreover the skin tells you where the force of gravity is. On the other hand, the skin is the target organ of all the balances or unbalances of our internal organs, so that a strong emotion can give you goose bumps, toxins create skin impurities, flow of blood diseases can give you cellulite and teleangiectasis. For this reason the skin has a relevant role, representing the first entry into our “computer brain”, through the skin we are able to “interact with our brain”.
 Thermal medicine makes use of “thermality” and of the spring waters saline composition.
 Rehabilitative medicine rebalances the relations between “agonist” and “antagonist” muscles on the joint level. It uses physical means for the cellular balance.
 Neuromuscular medicine works on the postural system automatism.
 Quantum medicine spots the frequent functional mistakes and corrects them.
Scientific studies have proved that staying in a steam room, in which salty-sulphuric-bicarbonate mineral water is vaporized, can create physical and psycological relaxation, promoting a good sleep quality and therefore the rebalance of numerous metabolic functions of our organism and the reduction in the production of free radicals.
Moreover, many antrotherapy patients have shown a substantial reduction in cholesterol, an increase of HDL in the blood and a normal artherosclerosis index. On the other hand there has been no interference to the glycemic index.
Scientific studies have proved that patients who undertake dry antrotherapy show:
 Hypotension, in hypertensive patients who are under drug therapy, whereas in hypotensive and normotensive patients the blood pressure variations are minimal and irrelevant;
 no relevant difference in weight or in body mass index;
 a significant reduction in cholesterol, especially in those patients who suffer from hypercholesterol, and no relevant variation in those who suffer from normocholesterol. Whenever there was a case of low HDL index, there has been its increase up to a normal index;
 some relevant changes in glycemia in patients who suffer from both hyperglycemia and normoglycemia;
 some relevant changes in the uricemia in patients who are affected by normouricemia, whenever there was alteration, a normalization has taken place.
Halotherapy is a natural therapy based on the use of micronized medical sodium chloride.
Its main functions are:
the treatment of bronchial pneumonia diseases, from asthma to obstructive chronic bronchitis; the treatment of different skin pathologies, such as psoriasis and eczema; antistress therapy.
Many clinical studies have underlined different solutions: mucolytic agents, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulation and hyposensitization therapies.
The system effects rebalance our body on a psyco-physical level; a natural detoxification is produced, the breathing improves (there are less possibilities of getting a cold or temperature), sleep, meditation and relaxation improve, also attention, concentration and productivity increase.
The Salt Room is very well attended and, during the halotherapy session, the atmosphere is relaxed so that you can indulge in faraway thoughts. The starlit sky, full of images, has a peculiar hypnotic power, which can remind you of salty lips and summer nights spent at the seashore. For those who can’t relax so easily and for children, there is also the possibility of watching videos or listening to relaxing music.
The youngest ones are more likely to catch a cold or breathing diseases that, most of the times, disapper during summer holidays at sea. The Salt Cave, recreating humidity at a good temperature, offers also to them the chance of benefiting from it while playing. Also the cave floor, as well as its walls, is covered in salt that will allow children to enjoy themselves by making salt castles…
38°C flushing Thermal water for massaging your back, your neck and your head. Thermal water is well known for its cleaning, astringent and antiseptic actions, which are excellent for the treatments of your skin. Thermal water stimulates the vitality and the physiological regeneration of the cells, it has relaxing effects and provides a sedative action on tissues and muscles.

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