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Human beings are made of matter and energy. They are also made up by a support (the skeleton), by a motion system (muscles) and by a control center (the nervous system).

Apart from the voluntary motion, muscles are also useful to keep us in a standing position against the force of gravity, in fact if you happen to pass out you will fall down, but this won’t happen on the Moon.

In order to do this, our brain acts as a computer, in which your feet are the keyboard, your eyes the webcam, your skin is the scanner and your mouth is like a pen drive. If all the pieces of information transmitted by these parts are balanced, our brain tries to place the body axis in the same trajectory as the one of the force of gravity, otherwise it has to adapt itself in order not to oscillate, but this could put the muscular-skeletal system into danger.

Working as a computer, our brain stores all the signals received from the outside, it uses the short memory if the external inputs are temporary (frequent changing of shoes), on the other hand it permanently stores the out-of-ordinary inputs (such as a peculiar tooth filling).

If the brain stores mistakes (such as a sudden and wrong movement), it keeps on making them, predisposing the patient to functional muscular-skeletal pathologies:

  • 70% of people suffer from headache, 70% of which is migraine caused by muscular tension.
  • 60% of people suffer from backache, 85% of which has never been identified in the various diagnostic research.
  • More than 60% of people in their seventies suffer from arthrosis, 80% of which is secondary arthrosis that stresses the joints.
  • Around 50% of children and young people suffer from occlusion diseases.
  • Around 50% of children suffer from scoliosis.
  • Around 33% of children suffer from paramorphism to the lower limbs (knees, valgus, genu recurvatum).

In order to BE HEALTHY, therefore, you need to be balanced on a physical and chemical level. According to this, TERME DI ISCHIA are specialised in the diagnosis and the rebalance of functional pathologies.

Terme di Ischia can spot mistakes and can provide you with a neuromuscular therapy:


It verifies the three-dimensional asset of your body in the space and the mistakes in the reception.


CYBER SABOT instruments monitor the stability of the postures and of the neurological pathologies.


This is a therapeutic technique that intervenes on the neuromuscular automatism, through the correction of the mistakes in the reception. It follows a muscular-skeletal rebalance towards the force of gravity axis.


This is a dynamic chairback, made by a specific elastic bandage and it is used to treat young ideophatic scoliosis. Differently from the chairback, SpineCor system is practically invisible (like a t-shirt under your clothes) and it permits you to make all the movements with your trunk. Moreover, it has a less negative impact on a physical and psycological level.

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