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Every cell in our system is continuously and directly connected with one other and with the outside world, using frequent messages that have specific organic effects.

The functional cellular mistake stems from functional pathologies of the internal organs:

  • Around 40% of people are afflicted by functional diseases of the digestive system.
  • Around 30% of people suffer from irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Around 30% of chronyc cystitis stem from functional problems.

Terme di Ischia are able to offer diagnosis and therapies for the functional pathologies of the internal organs.


Frequency bio-scanner accomplishes a total-body scan of the cellular frequencies, highlighting the diseased tissues and organs.


For your chemical rebalance. Homotoxicology assumes that any type of organism is continuously passed through by a huge quantity of external substances (bacteria, virus, food toxins, environmental pollution and so on) and endogenous substances (products of the diverse metabolisms, catabolism) which can cause pathologies. The aim of the homotoxicology is to detoxify the organism and also to solve the damages caused by toxins thanks to homotoxicological drugs, that is a chemical substance in a homeopathic dilution which is able to start an opposite effect, by operating on the enzymes reactions and on the immune system, so that these drugs can activate “defence systems” still in store.


For the frequencies rebalance. It is now proved that virus and bacteria leave their mark on corporeal fluids in the form of low intensity frequencies. They can keep the disease symphtoms also without the infectious agents. It is possible to intervene and correct the wrong frequencies memorised by the corporeal fluids.

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