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Inhalation treatment

By |9 August 2018|

With the inhalation treatment the more or less finely fractioned thermal water, and the gas present in it, are introduced in the respiratory airways and the vaporization of Antica Fonte mineral water performs a direct action on the respiratory mucous membranes. When contacting the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, the microscopic particles of mineral water, rich [...]

Mud bath therapy

By |9 August 2018|

The application of muds ripened with ferruginous-bicarbonate mineral water from Nuova Fonte reduces joint inflammations and loosens muscular contractions. The treatment allows a protracted painkilling action. The thermal muds are a mixture composed of the Nuova Fonte mineral water and clay. The ripening of muds is a complex process which takes place, within a period [...]

Mr. Mud

By |9 August 2018|

Let me introduce myself: my origin is meteoric, I go down the sky on the Lessini Mountains, I caress the slopes of the Dolomites, greeting the sun and I infiltrate the cracks of the ground. Here begins my long journey… with my sisters – drops of water I go down deeper and deeper... On my [...]

Benefits of treatments

By |9 August 2018|

THERMAL TREATMENTS Medical Hotel Ermitage - Abano Terme The waters The Medical Hotel has 3 thermal springs of salt-bromide-iodine water that naturally flow at temperatures between 72 and 82°C, with an available flow rate of over 10,000 liter per minute. Health benefits: a gift of nature to treat and prevent the pain and aging of the musculoskeletal and [...]

Short survey of some scientific studies on Montecatini thermal waters and muds

By |9 August 2018|

Gasbarrini, G., Candelli, M., Graziosetto, R. G., Coccheri, S., Di Iorio, F., & Nappi, G. (2006) Evaluation of thermal water in patients with functional dyspepsia and irritable bowel syndrome accompanying constipation World Journal of Gastroenterology, 12(16), 2556–2562. Retrieved from Anti, M., Lippi, M. E., Santarelli, L., Gabrielli, M., Gasbarrini, A., & Gasbarrini, G. (2004) [...]

The thermal baths of Montecatini Terme

By |9 August 2018|

The thermal baths of Montecatini are famous for their waters. They are salt waters. alkaline sulphate, known since antiquity, and their use mainly concerns the gastrointestinal tract. Those who suffer from gastritis, difficult digestion, meteorism, reduced biliary and hepatic function, as well as all the pathologies of the colon, from the irritable colon to the diverticula [...]

How to fight stress, anxiety and depression

By |24 July 2018|

Stress, anxiety and depression: how to fight them with the natural springs of Montecatini Terme SPA (Tuscany, Italy) Stress is a physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension and may be a factor in disease causation: most of the times it’s caused by an individual lack of control capacity within diverse [...]

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Physiotherapy cures

By |5 June 2018|

Massages and manipulations The different cures’ programs includes 6/12 consecutive applications (once every day).It is possible to practise more programs simultaneously. The physiotherapy treatments combined with the thermal cures, expound a notable synergistic activity. The used methods: mobilizations manipulations cervical tractions hemo-lymph drainage Electrotherapy methods The different cures’ programs includes 12 consecutive applications (once every day).It [...]

Inhalatory cures

By |5 June 2018|

Curative effects The complete cure’s program includes 6/12 consecutive applications with different inhalation technicques (once every day) . Sunday excluded. The inhalation therapy is an important prescription for the treatment and the prevention of the pathologies of pulmonary and otolaryngological interest. It consists in injecting of thin particles of the mineral water and/or gases in the respiratory [...]

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Hydropinic cures

By |5 June 2018|

Curative effects The cure’s program includes 12 consecutive applications, once every day, Sunday excluded. The hydropinics cure consists in the oral assumption of thermal water of determine temperature, according to the determine schedule, rhythm and time. This cure can be practiced in any period of the year in accordance with the patient’s necessity.The bicarbonate-alkaline-sodic waters, found in [...]

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