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Abano Terme (PD)


Medical Hotel Ermitage – Abano Terme

The waters

The Medical Hotel has 3 thermal springs of salt-bromide-iodine water that naturally flow at temperatures between 72 and 82°C, with an available flow rate of over 10,000 liter per minute.

Health benefits: a gift of nature to treat and prevent the pain and aging of the musculoskeletal and bone and joint systems.

Mud application

It is a unique and irreplaceable therapeutic element Ancient. In Abano, people received mud therapy already in Roman times. Fully natural: the thermal clay comes from a lake in Arquà Petrarca, on the Euganean Hills. Processed: mud ripens in thermal water for at least 60 days, acquiring the plasticity and chemical and physical characteristics that makes it therapeutic. Effective and scientifically patented: the pain-relief and anti-inflammatory active principle of Abano mud was isolated at the Mario Negri Institute pharmacological and biomedical research centre, and is currently protected by a European patent.

Health benefits: pain-relief and anti-inflammatory.

Thermal ozon path

Ozone thermal bath is the finishing touch in mud therapy. Classified as sodium-bromide-iodide hyper-thermal. The water is unique, used accordingly, cooled at the temperature prescribed by the specialists. Health benefits muscle relaxant and vaso stimulant action combined with the energizing effect of ionized water.

Scientific documentation

Authorizations: Thermal establishment with auth. Nr. 16427 of 23/10/09. Specialized thermal establishment offering mud and thermal water bath therapy and inhalation therapy. Co-operate with the Italian National Health Service, and are classified as I Super by the Ministry of Health.


Motion and physical therapies

The hotel guarantees a steady 1:1 therapists/patients ratio, their own rehabilitation centre allows each of our guests to go through their rehabilitation autonomously. Modern electro medical
equipment, large gyms and swimming pools freely accessible also for motion-impaired patients makes it possible to alternate active and passive rehabilitation.

Health benefits: effective control of pain and acute inflammation. Increasing movement.

Hydrokinesitherapy in thermal water

Helped by physical therapy and motor science professionals. Guests can integrate their rehabilitation protocol with rehabilitation in thermal water, with a complete lack of architectural barriers.

Health benefits: The chemical and physical characteristics of thermal water (temperature, viscosity, specific weight) promote muscle relaxation and makes it possible to perform the isokinetic work that is important in the first stage of active rehabilitation, to correct postural defects and recover muscle tone with a controlled muscle effort without risks.Improvement of arterial and lymphatic circulation and helps to shorten the rehabilitation period after trauma or surgery.

Scientific documentation

Specialized Clinic for Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine Auth. Nr. 4067 of 16/08/2002. Specialized Clinic for Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine For physical recovery after Trauma, surgery,
orthopedic, neurological or lymphologic pathologies that limit movement.


Manual Lymphatic “Original Method” Vodder : This careful hand movement that stretches and twists the skin to move the lymph is taught in its unaltered form today and is the gold standard for Manual lymphatic drainage. The separation of waste materials is increased and collected toxins and edema find their way out after frequent toilet visits.

Health benefits: recommended in flu season and other infections, as it directly stimulate the immunity system. The lymphatic drainage increases lymph flow and the immune function is enhanced as it improves the production of lymphocytes. This massage is absolutely recommended for patients with edema and heavy legs, lack of energy or poor immune system, sport injures, as after sport or neuromuscular massage lymphatic drainage clears the tissue debris and helps it to regenerate.

Scientific documentation

Manual Lymphatic “Original Method” Vodder
Lymphatic drainage was developed by the Danish physiotherapists Estrid and Emil Vodder in the 1930s. The technique is well known in Central Europe, where it has been accepted
by many doctors.


Collaboration with researchers from the Universities of Milan and Padua. Customized nutritional program with tailored daily calorie intake, Expert consultant contribute to the creation of an optimal and healthy menu, customized to the needs and wishes of guests, thanks to the several nutritional versions available: Enjoy, Balanced, Veggie & Basil Plus.

Health benefits: nutrition, physical exercise, thermal therapies and physical medicine for the prevention of cardiovascular pathologies due to aging, excessive body weight and bad lifestyles.


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