Cycle of treatments

Castrocaro Terme (FC)

Cycle of treatments for the following pathologies


Osteoarthritis, Rervasive Arthrosis, Cervical Arthrosis, Lumbar Arthrosis, Arthritis of the limbs, Discopathy without herniation, results of disk hernia operations, Cervical Reumatics, Periarthritis of the scapulohumeral articulation, Quiescent Reumatoid Arthritis, Arthrosis, Polyarthrosis, Osteoarthrosis (with pervasive or local osteoporosis), results of Articular Reumatics, and other degenerative Osteoporosis, Periarthritis, Ankylose Spondylitis, Spondiluarthritis, Spondylolisthesis, Extra-Articular Reumatism, Inflamatory Reumatism (Quiescent), Reumatic Fibrosis, Reumatic Tendinitis, Reumatic Lumbalgo, Fibrositis


Rhinitis: Vasomotorial, allergic, simple chronic catarrhal, chronic purulent, chronic atrophic, catarrhal, hypertrophic, hyperergic, secretional, perennial.
Chronic pharyngitis, Chronic laryngitis, recurring tonsillitis, Adenoidol rhinupharyngitis, Chronic adenoiditis, Chorditis (various types), Pharyngeal/Laryngitis, Chronic Pharyngeal/Tonsollitis, Adeno/tonsil Hyperthrophy
Chronic rhinosinusitis – bronchial syndromes, Rhino / Sinus /bronchial Syndromes
Simple chronic bronchitis or accompanied by an obstructive component (with exclusion of asma and advanced emphysema complicated by serious respiratory failure or heart chronic disease


Arthrosis, Rheumatism, Chronic and Degerative conditions, locomotor post-traumatic and post surgery
Fracture of lower limbs (femur, leg and foot) surgical and not-surgical
Pelvic fracture
Results of capsular ligament distortion of the knee post surgical or following a period of immobility
Results of surgical lesions of the Tibi tarsica and amieliche vertebral fracture
Outcome of operations for arthro and endoprosthesis
Results of operations of knee arthroplashy, of lesions or fractures of wrist and hand, of lesions to rotator cuff-operated or not
Outcome of shoulde implants, shoulder/ collarbone/ elbow fractures
Results of recent operations to the herniated disc and for the stabilization of the spinal column

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