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What is thermal spring water?

There are countless thermal hot springs in Italy with highly concentrated mineral water that emanates naturally from the underground. The particular geographical position of Italy, between the Mediterranean sea, numbers of volcanoes and the high mountains of the Alps, give the thermal spring waters specific and various components. Depending on their origin and subterranean course, they have different characteristics and temperature. This is rainwater which, through a number of years, runs through the subsoil and various layers of lime, stone and soil. In this way the water becomes rich in minerals. The mineral water is bacteriologically clean and hyperthermic. The thermal properties are currently used not only in well-being and alternative healing processes.

The benefits of thermal spring water

Thermal medicine is used effectively as a treatment form within parts of the medical study as: rheumatology, orthopedics, neurology, respiration and circulation, gynecology, dermatology, pediatrics and geriatrics. The properties of the mineral water are also used in pharmacology, hydrology, biochemistry, cosmetics and physiology. Thermal Medicine is a discipline which studies and teaches the characteristics of thermal treatments, their biological and pharmacological actions, and therapeutic effects. On our website, you can learn more about the curative properties of thermal spring waters used in various treatments at our selected clinics and spa centers. Read more under medical information and see videos connected to each treatment center.

The history of thermal spring water

The first historical references to this natural phenomenon exist around the third century BC. Romans thermal baths became a social experience for everyone. Even the Etruscans have given great importance to the use of water, not only for its cleanliness and cosmetic properties but also for the healing one. Due to the supernatural power attributed to the warm waters and their steam, it’s not surprising how the first Thermal centres arose near the temples and natural hot springs. They knew how to enjoy and relax in the hot baths where they socialized at the same time they discovered that the water’s properties gave them better health, greater power and personal balance. Ancient Romans well-knew the beneficial properties of sulphur springs, especially for healing skin diseases and for relieving muscular and joint pain.

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