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Rhinogeus deafness cures

By |17 november 2018|

Curative effects The cures’ program includes 24 consecutive applications, Sundays excluded (one catheterization and one aerosol once a day). The rhinogenous deafness represents a particular form of hypacusia (reduction of the auditory ability) consequent of such pathologies as serous otitis and catarrhal, chronic tubal obstructions and catarrhal duct-tympanitis, moreover the chronic illness of the primary respiratory [...]


By |17 november 2018|

Curative effects Without a doubt, the mud-balneotherapy is the most ancient technique of Thermal Medicine. The cures’ program includes 12 consecutive applications (once every day, Sunday is excluded). Thanks to the elevated mineralization and high temperatures (180° 2.64 gr./l. T° 50/60°), the waters of Sardara consent the mud maturation that consists in a slow and complex process [...]

Hydropinic cures

By |17 november 2018|

Curative effects The cure’s program includes 12 consecutive applications, once every day, Sunday excluded. The hydropinics cure consists in the oral assumption of thermal water of determine temperature, according to the determine schedule, rhythm and time. This cure can be practiced in any period of the year in accordance with the patient’s necessity.The bicarbonate-alkaline-sodic waters, found in [...]

Inhalatory cures

By |17 november 2018|

Curative effects The complete cure’s program includes 6/12 consecutive applications with different inhalation technicques (once every day) . Sunday excluded. The inhalation therapy is an important prescription for the treatment and the prevention of the pathologies of pulmonary and otolaryngological interest. It consists in injecting of thin particles of the mineral water and/or gases in the respiratory [...]

Physiotherapy cures

By |17 november 2018|

Massages and manipulations The different cures’ programs includes 6/12 consecutive applications (once every day).It is possible to practise more programs simultaneously. The physiotherapy treatments combined with the thermal cures, expound a notable synergistic activity. The used methods: mobilizations manipulations cervical tractions hemo-lymph drainage Electrotherapy methods The different cures’ programs includes 12 consecutive applications (once every day).It [...]

Science fact booklet

By |27 september 2018|

This manual is intended to serve as a short guide to the Montecatini Spas. It contains concise, yet exhaustive scientific and health information on the different therapies available, the disorders that can be treated with them, the waters themselves, and their properties and uses. Click here to download this document from the website