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THERMAL MEDICINE at Terme di Ischia

Salty-carbonate-sulphuric-alkaline waters perform a theurapetic action on various tissues:


They are able to arouse vasodilation with an increase of mucus secretion of its whey component. They also stimulate the mucous membrane trophism and the local and general organic reactivity, so that they are particularly recommended for atrophic diseases. Experimental proofs show the improvement of the ciliary-mucous.

Patients treated with vaginal douches have shown a structural change also in the cervical mucous membrane. The absorption of the substances through the breathing and vaginal mucous membrane is significant and efficient.


On a cutaneous level, these waters have a keratolytic effect, they also prevent a bacterial colonisation as well as have a plastic and anti-seborrhea action.

It has been tested also a sodium and iodine transcutaneous passage. However, the quantities of the absorbed elements are too little in order to justify a direct therapeutic action.


Sulphuric waters are commonly used to treat the chronyc pathologies of the upper and lower respiratory ways, thanks to a thermal therapy. Typical and atypical trophyc effects on the mucous membrane are proved, as well as mucolytic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Research, carried out on patients who suffer from bronchial asthma, points out that sulphuric waters produce a minor bronchospasm effect rather than others.


The heat is able to change the physical features of the fibrous tissues, both the structure of the tendons and ligaments and the one of the cartilage. After heating, these tissues are more likely to be sprained, hindering the stiffening process.

The miorelaxing activity intervenes on two levels:

  • firstly, on the neuromuscular spindles made less sensitive to sprain because of the heat. This will cause a reduction in the activities of the gamma fibres together with a muscular relaxation;
  • secondly, in an indirect way, by stimulating cutaneous thermoreceptors, which would imply a main check on the same mechanism.

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