Mr. Mud

Abano Terme (PD)

Let me introduce myself: my origin is meteoric, I go down the sky on the Lessini Mountains, I caress the slopes of the Dolomites, greeting the sun and I infiltrate the cracks of the ground.

Here begins my long journey… with my sisters – drops of water I go down deeper and deeper…

On my way I meet many friends who enrich and complete me, they are the mineral salts: sodium, magnesium, calcium, bromine, Iodine, iron, ammonium, chloride, bicarbonate.

Together we reach an underground depth of 3000 meters gaining strength and warmth.

Many years after I cross the Bacino Euganeo where the particularity of soil layers allows the force of my geothermal gradient to push upwards, towards the light and I can resurface in Abano, in the President’s spa thermal pit.

I’m here for you, to heal, to give You Health and Wellness: I am Your hyperthermal water. And I am waiting for You.

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