Sardara (VS)

Curative effects

Without a doubt, the mud-balneotherapy is the most ancient technique of Thermal Medicine. The cures’ program includes 12 consecutive applications (once every day, Sunday is excluded). Thanks to the elevated mineralization and high temperatures (180° 2.64 gr./l. T° 50/60°), the waters of Sardara consent the mud maturation that consists in a slow and complex process of trans-mineralization of the thermal water and the argillaceous components. Such chemical-physical change involves ulterior profound biological modifications of thermal mud with the particular increase of micro organisms of bacterial and vegetable origin (seaweed) that thanks to their metabolism produce active pharmacological substances.
So, the “ripe mud” assumes the important therapeutic characteristics.

The complex mechanism of the effect of the therapy is due to the synthesis of the thermal, metabolic and neuro-endocrine influences that are realized in the following curative effects:

  • analgesic action
  • anti-inflammatory action
  • relaxing action

Indications of cures

The indications of the mud-balneotherapy cures are:

  • primary and secondary osteo-arthritis
  • peri-arthropathy (tendonitis, capsulitis, bursitis, enteropathy)
  • fibro-myalgic syndrome
  • after-effects of trauma (bony, muscular and ligament)
  • radiculitis syndromes (discopathy, Guillain-Barré Syndrome – Acute idiopathic polyneuritis, algo neuro-dystrophy)
  • chronic arthritis in phase of quiescence (rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosed spondyilitis, articulate podagra)
    The cure is carried out in two communicating rooms; in the first one, on appropriate bed the thermal mud (temp. 45°) is applied on the interesting zones. After 20 minutes, the patient do a short shower to eliminate the mud; therefore, the patient proceeds to the therapeutic bath with or without hydro-massage, for about 15 minutes. Then the patient is accompanied to the second “reaction room” where he remains lying down and covered for 15 minutes. During this phase of the rest, the complex mechanisms of the mud-balneotherapy continue to realize its beneficial effects. In conclusion, there is a period of acclimatization in a common atmosphere.

Information and suggestions

If it is possible, it is better to practice the cures during the same period of the year for some years successively, so the continuity of the treatment will slow the evolution of the disease and will help to prevent new exacerbation. Many patients think that the thermal cures tire the heart and favour the other insurgences as the osteoporosis, but it is not true. Do not do the thermal therapy during the acute phase of the disease, when the pain of the joints is very intense. During the treatments do not suspend or limit the eventual assumption of the hypertensive drugs (the pressure lowering provoked by mud-therapy is transitory and appear during the application of the mud only). Unite the complementary and synergistic cures that favour the muscular relaxing like massages and hydro-massages with the mud-therapy. Book the schedule of the cures in way that they do not contrast with your habits of life and your biological rhythms.

If it is possible, plan your staying at the thermal station to guarantee the best recovery of the physical force that the treatments involve.

In order to carry out a mud-balneotherapy cycle it is necessary to reserve your treatment in advance at the secretariat of the Thermae, particularly during the rush seasons.

In order to simplify the administrative formalities and the obligatory medical visit of admission, the customers are asked to arrive an hour before of the reserved schedule of the cure.

At the moment of the acceptance the customer should provide the prescription of the family doctor and the regional sanitary code.

At the same time, must be played a ticket, as well as any other amounts relative to secondary cures or complementary not conventional cures.

Dr. Antonello Loi
Sanitary director of the Thermae of Sardara

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