Flebologic path

Peio (TR)

The flebologic path is an advanced version, in terms of spa treatments, of the famous hydrotherapy invented by Abbot Kneipp more than one century ago. The treatment consists in stepping alternately into two baths, a hot and a cold one, and gives a very pleasing sensation of lightness to the legs. The daily repetition reactivates microcirculation, contrasts swellings and prevents fat depositis (cellulite).

At Pejo Spa the use of the Nuova Fonte mineral water allows an intensive action on the peripherical circulation: the dissolved gas dioxide stimulates the blood flow and allows the reabsorption of interstitial fluids. The hydrostatics pressure and the chemical substances in the solution induce the activation of the network of small capillaries distributed in the skin and in the sub-cutaneous tissue.

As a result of this intensive revascularization, fluid stagnations are drained, with aprolonged benefit for those suffering from dysfunctions of the arterial and lymphatic circulation.

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