Psychological services

Ostuni (BR)

The psychologist of Villa Nazareth takes care of the patient.

After having accepted the patient in the structure, an interview is scheduled that allows a psychological profile to be drawn up. This profile is shared with the care team with the aim of creating a relational environment that suits the needs of the guest.

Subsequently the psychologist proceeds with a diagnostic evaluation. To this end it collects the anamnestic data (life history, near and remote pathological anamnesis, observation of the patient),
investigates cognitive functions, mood, the presence of possible behavioral disorders, verifies the adaptation of the person to the environment and collects elements for the construction of the
Individualized Care Plan.

If psychopathological disorders or dysfunctional personality traits emerge from the psychodiagnostic evaluation, Villa Nazareth offers the possibility of carrying out psychological interviews aimed at modifying the maladaptive interpersonal dynamics and promoting the psychological well-being of our guests.

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