Ostuni (BR)

Hydrokinesitherapy is the ideal combination of intrinsic and extrinsic factors that work on the man in order to recover the residual functions in the post-acute phase of the pathological processes that can arise during the course of life.

The rehabilitation in water brings the patient in a therapeutic context completely different from the classical therapy.

There are four fundamental effects that water gives to the body during its stay in the therapeutic tank:

  • Mechanical – buoyancy boost, hydrostatic pressure, hydrodynamic resistance
  • Thermal – operating temperature between 32 ° C and 34 ° C with myorelaxing effect
  • Psychological – moving away from the clinical / nosocomial environment, partly playful for young patients, instills confidence in oneself and in treatment because it allows movements that are forbidden in the normal gym
  • Biochemical – closely related to the chemical properties of water acting on the immersed body

Objectives of hydrokinesitherapy are therefore those of:

  • Reduction of painful symptoms
  • Reduction of muscular hypertonia
  • Early global motor recovery
  • Extension of the joint ROM

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